About Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Mahesh Krishnamurthy has researched for 14 years on how we create habits and patterns which we express as our attitudes. He has researched on how control has become one of our core habits and how the inability to control causes us to express emotions of anger, frustration, resentment, guilt, hatred or depression and how you stand to lose productivity at work and you can become a bad decision maker.

His work and his passion are to help people replace their attitudes that cause them to express anger so that they can be better decision makers, and be more productive at work.

He does this with his system to discover your Unconscious Habits that trigger your attitude. Using his time tested and proven system, he can help you replace your attitude and help you become successful in your career, relationships and in your decision making ability.

Through his system he has helped more than 43,000 people from all over the world by discovering their Attitudes and fixing their personal and professional lives. He has also trained more than 200 doctors and therapists in his system.

What I do…

At Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd I have been performing  Nādi Pariksha for over 17 years. From my experience, I can say that  Nādi Pariksha is the best form of diagnosis. I can arrive at a prognosis of your physical, psychological and emotional health in totality.

Nādi Pariksha is a diagnostic practice in Ayurveda to find the root cause of any ailment and illness in the body. This is done by finding out the change in the states of Vāyu (a combination of Air and Ether), Pitta (a combination of Fire and Water), and Kapha (a combination of Water and Earth) in the body. When in harmony, the three constituents provide strength and vitality to the body. The altered states of the three constituent properties of nature is called Dosha which cause diseases. The word Nādi means “artery” and Pariksha means “to examine”. It is all called as Pulse Diagnosis.

When you get your  Nādi Parikshado not tell anything about yourself excepting your name and age. The diagnosis will reveal every symptom you have been experiencing. The diagnosis will also reveal to you the root cause of the symptom. “Identifying the root cause of your symptoms and reversing it so that you regain your good health  is our core work and this is what I do best. “

Nādi Pariksha can be performed on children from a very early age. 

I also provide Nādi Pariksha training. I have trained over 200 Ayurvedic doctors in Nādi Pariksha until now.

Apart from  Nādi Pariksha, I also practice several therapies and treatments.

1-0-1 Appointment in Bangalore

Nadi Pariksha in Bangalore

I am headquartered in Bangalore City. I consult in my office Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd. We are Established Professionally in providing Wellness Coaching and in Nadi Pariksha Research and Training for Ayurveda Doctors and Yoga Therapists.

Next date for consultations is from 11th December 2017

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Nadi Pariksha in Mysore

In Mysore City, I consult at Arogya Siri, an Ayurveda Therapy and Treatment Facility which is well established and offers one of the best remedial therapies and treatments in Ayurveda.

Next upcoming date for consultations is 9th December 2017

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Nadi Pariksha in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad City, I consult at Sanskar, 44/5. Road No.20, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

I am in Hyderabad on 12th and 13th January 2018.

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